L2 Gladiators Hight Five




01. Always treat all Administrators, Game Masters and members of the management team in general L2Gladiators, with the greatest respect. Any act of disrespect to the Administration L2 or L2Gladiators Name Server, for example, invent fraudulent rumors, lies and falsehoods on Administration of Name Name or L2 Server, regardless of the medium that is being done, will result in punishment.

02. Impersonate any Game Master (GM) or member of the L2Gladiators Directors is prohibited.

03. Advertising, comments or suggestions of any other server Lineage II is prohibited in any game chat or other media of the game.

04. Not allowed to negotiate the purchase, sale or exchange of accounts, characters and/or items through the media L2Gladiators, whether for real-life currency or any other exchange accounts, characters and/or items real or virtual goods out of the game and/or the world of L2Gladiators.

05. The use of insects or any kind of problem or defect found in the game, forum or website that will benefit you against other players in any way is prohibited. If a player finds a bug (problem/fault) Ingame, Forum or Site shall forthwith inform the Administration L2Gladiators.

06. Never ask for level, items, adena, teleport or any benefit to any member of the Administration of L2Gladiators because you will not be answered.

07. Programs that interact with the Lineage II for some benefit or facility, however minimal, are not allowed. If you try to use any program to interact with the Lineage II you will have your computer automatically banned.

08. Their account within the L2Gladiators is not transferable, that means you are responsible for your own safety in the game. Never provide your password to any other player, including Administrators, Game Masters, or anyone else. Make sure that the computer used to play it safe. Never run extra programs interactivity with your Lineage II, which was not supplied by the Administration L2Gladiators as they may contain viruses and keyloguers that will result in the theft of your user accounts and/or items. The Administration L2Gladiators are not responsible for stolen accounts, tolen items, lost items, borrowed and not returned items dropped/lost in Pk (regardless of the situation), thrown to the ground and lost (regardless of the situation), the items have lost your options for mage set standards (regardless of the situation), etc.. The user must take care of them and not the administration of L2Gladiators. The Administration L2Gladiators guarantee complete integrity and security of the server and therefore are not possible invasions hacks to steal accounts or items directly on the server, site, or forum, in other words, any loguins theft, passwords, accounts and items are caused to carelessness or misuse of users asking for items or accounts and try to use extra programs or cheats (cheat) that comes with keyloguers and resulted in the theft of your accounts so that only users are responsible for their own accounts and items.

09. All user data (its accuracy and maintenance) are the sole responsibility of those users. The Administration L2Gladiators will not resend you Loguins, passwords, e- mail account registration, account registration email exchange because they were forgotten or are/is invalid or disabled. Take care of your data and keep their accounts active email because you need to recover your password if you forget it. The Administration L2Gladiators is not responsible for the forgotten, lost, deleted or canceled for any reason data. 10. Offend other players with profanity, derogatory and offensive names, offenses pornographic, racist and other Global chat (Scream, Trade and hero voice) and any other media provided by L2Gladiators is prohibited. In other chats use the command/block not see messages from unwanted characters. Use the Hero chat wisely, because it involves reading the entire server. Avoid unnecessary punishment. is also prohibited to use any game chat to urge (the flame) or manipulate the players against the Administration Server Gladiators.

11. Players who lose any battle in the game and start spreading rumors of cheating the winner may be penalized if you insist on charges of open chats. The Administration L2Gladiators will not allow players bad losers tarnish the image of L2Gladiators server because they are bad losers. Lineage II is a game where you kill and die, you win and lose. There is no perfect or immortal character, everyone has their advantages and disadvantages.

12. Any action within the game, where he observed and interpreted by management and Game Masters attitude Anti - Game (Actions deemed inappropriate or bad character) also about punishment according to the interpretation of Directors of L2Gladiators. Below we list some examples of actions considered anti-gambling and punishable. However, this rule does not just apply to these examples, since the attitude of anti-gambling is not limited to them : purposely losing in the Olympics to give points for a friend, for example, having the equipment and let the opponent hit you, plead slow, accident or mistake, with the intention of covering the opponent to win, not fight properly (play in the fight), etc.. disrupt or attempt to deceive in any way events L2Gladiators, automatic events or events made ??by the GMs. Example : stay away during the event, just waiting for his team to win for you, attack or kill members of their own team, try to purposely cause a bug, etc., r Retail Stores claiming purchasig or vice versa, claiming to sell certain items. sell others with the intent to deceive the players throw the price, etc..

13. There are the methods of communication between the players available in the game to facilitate communication between players in the world of L2Gladiators and not to be used as advertising business method of users. Ads personal business players will not be accepted via any communication platform L2Gladiators. If a user wishes to advertise your website, blog, etc.. through the structures of L2Gladiators, please contact the Administration of L2Gladiators through support, to learn the rules of our partnership. non-compliance or breach of any item above may result in various penalties, temporary character Jail permanent suspension of user account or computer. The L2Gladiators Administration judging the type of punishment required before each occurrence. The examples Punishment L2Gladiators reserves the right to change these terms and rules without notice, leaving the players to keep up on them.
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